Many strange things happened with CS60

I started using CS60 from October, 2010, and have been searching for people with various symptoms and giving them massages, but I also was in such a state with high blood pressure with 180/110. The other day I felt dizzy so I took a measurement to see if my blood pressure had risen and I saw it had amazingly dropped to 110/55 so I checked it, then the upper reading rose but to only 150. The other day, I had a swelling inside my nose and it hurt so much that I could not touch it, but I tried rubbing around my nose with “CS60” but it did not change and was still extremely painful, so I thought that it was ineffective. However, on the second day, the pain disappeared and my nose became itchy, so I blew my nose and a blood clot appeared on the tissue. I was both surprised and relieved. When I massage with CS60 I discover many things so I am looking forward to the future. Going forward, I would like to ask for everyone’s continued cooperation.

Treatment of cerebral infarction symptoms

A 42-year-old male at a Tokyo Metropolitan Government public hospital suffered a cerebral infarction in the middle of September 2011 and required emergency hospitalization where cerebellar two-thirds resection was conducted and hydrocephalus occurred. I was asked to give treatment and when I saw him for the first time on October 11, he was in a state where he had no facial expression, his mouth was constantly open, he continuously drooled, and the right side of his body did not move. He could move the left side of his body but he acted violently because he could not control himself. When I asked the doctor in rehabilitation how he could stop his drooling, they said that they thought it would stop if it becomes possible to swallow. I treated the patient with CS60, massaging from the esophagus to around his jaw, the people in the hospital room made noises of surprise, his esophagus began to move, and the amount of drool decreases. When we carried out the treatment on a regular basis, we saw changes day by day. First, his facial expression returned to one where you could recognize his original face, and he became able to make a laughing expression. He could now control the movement on his left side. His facial expression became calm and he was no longer violent. He could operate his wheelchair smoothly and the burden on the nurses became lighter.

And one month later, on November 11, he was able to walk with a walking stick without a wheelchair. Currently, on December 25 he can walk on his own with no damage to his limbs. He could perform six-digit multiplications using a calculator and get all correct answers. He cannot write numbers or symbols well yet, but we plan to do treatment for that in the new year.

Now in the new year, today on January 31, 2012, we will perform a concentrated treatment on the right hand little finger line and from the wrist to the little finger tip where sensation has not yet returned and I am confident. Although 2/3 of the patient’s cerebellum was resected and his life was saved, the family was told by the doctors that he would spend his life in a wheelchair. Although it would have been normal to give up in the past, I was convinced while doing the treatment that, irrespective of cerebellar functioning, the sensation in his right hand and leg returned gradually with CS60 treatment and a different nervous system to the cerebellum was established and began to function.

During treatment, the part of the cerebellum with no bone at the occipital region could not be touched.
However, the function of the right half of the body that should be paralyzed has recovered.

I can only think that the common sense of medicine up to now is wrong. Based on my confidence, I repeatedly applied “CS60” from the little finger line right armpit to the tip of the little finger, and sensation returned to his little finger and he said it hurts when I lift up his nails. Initially, he was told that he would require glasses and would only be able to read large text for expressions, but he can now read the address on a business card. His physical function is somewhat limited and his walking motions are awkward, but he can go up and down the stairs freely, so the doctors said that he does not need nursing care and may leave the hospital. He was discharged on February 6, 2012.


The bioelectric current rectifier CS60 began manufacturing in June 2008, and since October 2010, we have provided treatment under cooperation with people with various medical conditions.
We received comments from users after their treatment. We thank them for their cooperation.

After the free 10-minute trial, the blood vessels in both legs that had been bulging significantly improved after CS60 treatment. Some of my colleagues and seniors had undergone surgery. Since I am a stage actor, and I was worried about recovery time after the surgery and whether my physical condition would return to its original state after I recovered. However, I was surprised that my blood vessels that were bulging so much disappeared so well after only 10 minutes and that my symptoms improved. I felt once again that this is due to the activation of mitochondria. In future, I will periodically undergo full body treatment and try to prevent illness and improve my constitution.

I received a free 10-minute trial face lift treatment. I took a picture with my cell phone before the treatment and compared it with a picture after my treatment. My skin became pinker with a good blood color, the corner of my eyes was higher, and my face became clear. My friend who was with me said, “Ah, I see! You changed!” She was surprised. However, it hurt. (Lol)

I had a pain in my right knee from 3 years ago and it was difficult for me to walk, but I had a CS60 massage for about 20 minutes on my right leg and surprisingly I could climb the stairs without pain or swelling. Every morning, I can take a walk. “CS60” is the “hand of God.” I deeply appreciate it

I was plagued by stiff shoulders for many years. I did not get better no matter how many times I had a massage, but when I received a massage from my right shoulder for about 5 minutes with “CS60” I found that the blood flow in the right half of my body improved. With a massage of my left and right rear shoulders for about 10 minutes, I felt that my stiff shoulders became incredibly relaxed and my outlook has become brighter.

I could not raise my right shoulder, but I was surprised that I could rotate my right shoulder easily after receiving a CS60 massage for about 5 minutes. My nephew also had a back pain massage, and it seems that his pain was easily removed. 20 years ago I broke my right wrist and I could not grasp firmly. I tried massaging with CS60 on my own and could grip firmly with my right hand. I feel like I will be able to play golf well now.

Although I don’t know when it happened, I could no longer bend my right index finger and I was inspected at the hospital but the name of the disease and the cause were unknown. I received a massage for about 5 minutes with CS60 and I was surprised that amazingly I could bend my index finger. On the next day, it became hard to bend again, but it will be two months since I received my second CS60 massage and my index finger is still moving smoothly.

I got muscle pain from rice cake pounding at the end of last year and I tried several massages, but I was not getting better and I had a problem. When CS60 was introduced to me and I had a massage, my muscles became incredibly relaxed after 10 minutes and I wondered why I had wasted tens of thousands of yen on the other massages. I was able to wake up relaxed on the next day as well. Thank you very much.

Sometimes my toes hurt due to gout. I wondered if CS60 could take away my pain, so I nervously tried it for 10 minutes. It took away my pain, and I felt good the next day too. However, I felt pain again on the following day. I wondered if I could get better if I continued to massage with CS60.

My fingers hurt due to rheumatism and I cannot bend them. I was advised to try CS60 so I received a massage. I could bend my fingers after about 10 minutes and the pain disappeared. Thank you very much.

It was very hard for me to dress because I could not raise my arms due to the pain. I received a massage with “CS60” and I could rotate both my shoulders after a very short time. I was surprised at this amazing massage device. Now I can play catch ball with my child.

One night, a year ago, I suddenly collapsed with cerebral infarction, and I am undergoing rehabilitation after treatment at the emergency hospital. While five nonprofit staff watched over me, I lay on the conference table and they checked my symptoms. You cannot raise your right arm. Your right fingers do not move. Each joint of your right leg does not move. There is language impairment. Treatment started with my right upper arm, pressing CS60 was very painful. I was told that if it hurts there is a good possibility of improvement so please try to bear it. After 5 minutes I could raise my right arm to above my head and I could join my left hand and right hand above my head. Next, CS60 treatment started from my right ankle. After a 5-minute treatment I could bend and stretch my ankle. Next, after 5 minutes of treatment around my knee, I could bend my knee. Next, after 5 minutes of treatment on my hip joint I could bend my hip joint and lift my entire right leg. Afterwards, they treated my entire right leg. When I came, it was very hard for me to walk, but after the treatment my joints started to move and my walking became smooth. I’ve undergone rehabilitation before, but this was the first time that I could move like this.

I have chronic lower back pain from daily nursing care. I provide care while wearing a lower back support. I had a 5-minute CS60 massage and strangely, my lower back got lighter and my lower back pain disappeared. It is really strange.

Since about 10 years ago I have had the symptom where my calves hurt and are itchy and I can’t stand the pain. Because these symptoms came in the middle of the night, I became unable to sleep, I scratched, hit it, walked and tried to distract myself. The hospital didn’t know what to do either. After being introduced by a friend, I received a CS60 massage for about 10 minutes. They rubbed slightly against my calves and it was so painful it made me sweat, but I withstood it, the pain lessened, and I felt better. It’s been a week, but that uncomfortable feeling no longer comes in the night and I am sleeping deeply. It’s strange, it looks like a simple device, but the pain when I received the massage and the state of my improved calves – it really is strange. Please sell me one. Please.

Sometimes my left knee hurts, and when I bend my knee, it makes a clicking sound. I underwent “CS60” treatment for about 5 minutes and there was an extremely painful place around my knee. But I withstood the pain and was surprised when the treatment was finished that my knee became very light and the pain was gone. Even if I bend my knee it does not make a clicking sound.

I was working hard at the drill and hammer on-site with a deadline approaching when pain shot from my right hand to my shoulder. I finished the job with my left hand only, but from the next day I couldn’t raise my arms at all. I went to the chiropractor for 2 months and the hospital, but they told me I wouldn’t get better. I encountered CS60 by chance and after receiving treatment for about 20 minutes I was able to join my hands over my head. When my doctor told me I would not get better, I felt blue, but I was really happy to encounter CS60. If you do good things everyday, God will provide you with encounters.

I broke my knee during a rugby game during my school days. Recently, this old injury wakes me up in the middle of the night and makes me almost jump out of bed. I received treatment by “CS60” at the recommendation of a friend, and when they applied it, it was so painful that it made me sweat. I thought that the lady was holding it down tightly, so I asked her to hold it more gently. She told me she was holding it gently and asked me to try. I just pressed lightly and it really hurt. Understanding this, I took the treatment and after about 10 minutes my knee became very light and it is the first time I have felt like this for a long time. I will sleep soundly tonight.

I usually move slowly using my cane. I received CS60 treatment after my friend introduced me to it, and although I thought it was an exaggeration, it was strange that some parts of my body hurt a lot and others didn’t. After about 20 minutes of treatment, I got up to take my cane and walked slowly, my legs could walk quickly and I was so surprised I stopped walking. I tried to move slowly again, but my legs were so light and moved forward. I was bewildered, but I took my cane and tried to walk but it got in the way and I could walk without my cane. I was amazed.

I work standing up at a restaurant from morning till evening. I have varicose veins so bad that I can’t show anyone, my legs are darkened from my thighs to my ankles, and I have pain in the raised parts. I received a CS60 massage and the raised parts of my varicose veins disappeared as I watched. I was amazed. The next day, I did standing work at the restaurant, but where normally my varicose veins would pop out, I had no pain. The darkening is still there, but I feel that if I continue the treatment every day it will really get better. Please mass-produce this device quickly and rent it to massage salons. I think a lot of people need help.

I am taking radiation and anticancer drugs for lung cancer, but I can’t feel the floor even when standing since both my feet are numb as a side effect. I received a CS60 massage on my thighs, calves, ankles, and the soles of my feet. It hurts a lot and I feel pain even if I lightly rub the device by myself. But if I withstand it for about 10 minutes on one leg, when I stand up I can feel the soles of my feet on the floor perfectly. If I have a massage for about 20 minutes then walk, it feels very light. It seems that my sensation has returned to its original state even if I rub both legs.

When I tried a new medicine for asthma at hospital, I suffered a spasm and I was hospitalized on the spot. The hospital tried various treatments, and my convulsions became somewhat lighter for three days, but they continue throughout the day. A friend introduced me to CS60, and when they performed the treatment at the hospital for about 20 minutes, I found that the convulsions subsided and my body temperature increased. The next day I left the hospital and I am still doing fine.

I got tenosynovitis from the elbow of my left hand to the wrist and couldn’t hold my golf club, so I was going to give up on the qualifying session for the Japan Senior Golf Championship. However, when I underwent treatment with “CS60” at the practice area for about 20 minutes, the pain disappeared. I tried swinging the driver and I felt a bit uncomfortable in my little finger area, but when I treated that part, the pain disappeared and I made a phone call to the Federation on the spot to enter the qualifying session. I was able to pass qualifying and reach the main competition. The power of CS60 is amazing.

I teach children volleyball now but I had many wounds due to harsh exercise in the past. When someone introduced me to “CS60” and I had a massage, I had the feeling that the cells that had been stagnating until now started to move and the swelling in my body disappeared and I felt refreshed. It is clearly different to the various treatments I have tried in the past. I have the sense that my range of joint operation has widened and I can breathe more easily. I receive medical treatment once a week, my body has become lighter, and I feel like jumping!

The aftereffects my intense exercise in my youth and my knee pain became severe and I went to the orthopedic clinic, but it did not get better and I was told that artificial knee joint surgery was my best option. Other hospitals gave the same diagnosis, but my friend introduced me to CS60 so I thought I would try it since I had nothing to lose. After about 20 minutes of treatment my pain disappeared and I became able to walk normally. What were they talking about with that diagnosis?

As of October 2011, I was undergoing treatment and had difficulty walking with rheumatism in both knees. I have treatment for about 25 minutes on average 3-4 times a month. In the first two months, they treated the center of both of my knees, and immediately afterwards the angle by which I could move my knees widened. The pain also lessened, and after treatment I was in a good condition for 2 to 3 days, then there was a day when I got much worse all the time, then I recovered. This pattern repeated itself. From this year, they expanded the point to my entire leg. They found a lump and concentrated treatment on that. From February 2012, my left foot recovered almost completely, and they treated my right leg for about 40 minutes. Immediately afterwards there seems to be almost no change, but it seems that my condition improved significantly from two days later. Now, about a month after the treatment, I can walk easily, in three months I will be able to jog, and I can now easily climb the stairs up and down.

At first, I had bad stiff shoulders, I could not raise my arms, and gradually my mouth did not open, until I could not eat. Although I attended local chiropractics and acupuncture, I did not get better. I was asking my husband to take me to some university hospital, when my neighbor recommended “CS60.” I received a massage and it was very painful, but my jaw moved freely and I could eat and raise both my arms.

I usually hold onto something when I walk because my knees hurt. When I stand upright, my knees and heels are about 20 centimeters apart. They do not touch tightly. It was very painful to treat my knees with CS60, but when it was over, I stood up and the pain was gone and I could walk smoothly. I was surprised that my friend who was with me said that my knees and my ankles were touching. I looked and they were really touching with no gap. It is amazing, really amazing.

Additionally, although I don’t know whether it is due to overwork for a long time, the right half of my body stopped moving, and when I went to the hospital, they didn’t know the cause and only offered poultice, so I am undergoing treatment with “CS60.” Although it was very painful when I started the treatment, after about 40 minutes, I could get up and walk up and walk, but after about 4 days, my movement became bad again. When I had treatment a week later, my recovery was fast, and now I am walking around nearly every day.

Also, my toes were resected due to necrosis by diabetes and I had no sensation around them. If this condition had continued, I would have had to resect again, but the sensation returned thanks to “CS60” treatment and I didn’t need to resect. It was a huge relief and there are unbelievable surprises in the streets such as cases of improvement of asthma and people who were wheelchair-bound due to paralysis in their right lower body walking on their own.

The other day, a lady in Kyoto was suffering from knee pain and her pain reliever also did not work. She was in trouble because the hospital did not know how to treat her condition, and she thought that it would be better to cut her knees off. I underwent treatment for about 20 minutes with “CS60” (although it was considerably sore), and my knee pain disappeared. I was so surprised and wondered where the pain I had endured for 10 years had gone.

My prostate is bad and the movement of my organs is poor so gas accumulates and my stomach becomes bloated, so my friend introduced me to “CS60” to see if it could cure me. I underwent the treatment but my stomach was stubborn and there was no effect. I decided to perform the treatment of my upper body and see the effect.
The next day, we heard from the patient and he said his bowel movement had improved, and actually, although he had not had an erection for the last 5 years, it seems that it happened suddenly when he was watching TV that morning. I don’t know yet about such a healthy thing, but it seems the man was like that. Because I heard the same case from another man, it seems to be possible.

A former Japanese national team women’s volleyball player had bad knees so tried the treatment. She had an inguinal hernia as a child. We performed the treatment but it seemed to be adhered on the inside, and she was unable to straighten her legs. It seemed there it was not only her knees that were bad. We treated her right abdomen with “CS60” for about 5 minutes and checked her walking. Her abdominal tightness disappeared and her legs seemed to smoothly walk and she could straighten her legs. The tightness disappeared completely, her knees improved, and looked amazed, but smiled happily.

A man in his 70’s had collapsed with cerebral infarction 5 years ago. He could not use his right hand due to aftereffects, he had speech impairment, and I could not understand him as it was my first time to hear a speech impairment. Even his grandchildren could not understand him. I tried speech impairment treatment for the first time. I performed CS60 treatment for about 20 minutes from his ears to his chin, and then asked him to talk. His speech was faltering at first, and he could say the first line of the Japanese alphabet, “A, I, U, E, O,” but from the second time, he could also pronounce the “YA” line. His wife and grandchildren were very pleased. He did not seem to have done much rehabilitation on his right arm, his fingers did not move, and his arm was soft and flabby like a fully ripe tomato from the fingers to the shoulder. In fact, it seems that his skin would peel off even if it was rubbed a little, and he actually had several scratches. I applied a towel and slowly treating him with CS60 for about 1 hour. The softness and flabbiness disappeared and he could shake my hand firmly when he went home.

The other day, there was a severe pain at the base of my right big toe. I thought it must be payback for neglecting my health. It seemed to be gout, and I temporarily panicked, but I decided to see it as an opportunity and started treating it with CS60. It was so painful I could not touch my toe. When I struggled to work with my painful toe and received treatment, I was able to put my big toe down and walk after about 10 minutes and the next day there was almost no pain. Someone else with gout said it was too painful and they could not bear to be touched by CS60 so it had not effect. It was certainly painful during treatment but I came to know that it is effective.

Examples of treatment from November 2010 to February 2012
Lower back pain: Over 200; Stiff shoulder: Over 300; Spinal canal stenosis: 30; Knee pain: Over 100; Sudden hearing loss: 2; Muscle fatigue: 12; Interstitial pneumonia: 2; Asthma: 2; Frozen shoulder: Over 50; Rheumatism: 3; Gout: 2; Restless legs syndrome: 1; Wrist fracture rehabilitation: 4; Empyema: 1; Migraine: 1; Cerebral infarction rehabilitation: 4; Necrosis of leg by diabetes rehabilitation: 1; Kyphosis: 1; Knee pain (difficult to walk): 6; Achilles tendon rehabilitation: 2; Aftereffects of fracture: 7; Tenosynovitis: Over 20; Flexor tendinitis: 18; Whole body fatigue: 1; Drug side effects: 1; Anticancer drug side effects: 3; Numbness from neck to fingertips: 4 Numbness from lower back to toes: 7; Varicose veins: 3.