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Supporting employment for single mothers and women aged 60 and over
According to a government survey, the poverty rate for single mother families is 57%, and the poverty rate for single women aged 60 or over is 50%. The main reason is that full-time employment at the same time as parenting is difficult.

Support for second life entrepreneur/employment for the senior generation
About 78.2% of the baby-boomer generation wishes to keep their job even after passing the age of 60. However, only a small number of people are able to work as they wish. It is noteworthy that about 12% of baby-boomers (people who want to work: about 80% x people who want to start a business: about 15%) wish to become entrepreneurs, and if 6% of the 10 million baby-boomer population (about half the number who wish to) actually start up a business, 120,000 second life entrepreneurs will appear every year.

At CS60, we are looking for practitioners. We provide entrepreneurship and employment support in a form that is easy to adapt to various lifestyles.
We are here to serve: People who want to make Japan a wonderful country; people who want to enrich their "second life" after retirement; single mothers who want to bring hope to their parenting; people who want to change themselves; people who want to be independent; people who want to help others; people who have doubts about medical care; people who want to be active in the world; people who have doubts about the expanding medical expenses and the social welfare budget in Japan of 42 trillion yen
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