We are devoted to our CS60 treatment franchise chain and rental business, and we never sell CS60.
By not providing excessive rental supply to the therapeutic industry, operators feel a sense of value in CS60, we create a trustworthy business environment, and the people involved operate their businesses happily.

  • Operating company
  • CS60 Co., Ltd.
  • Representative Director: Emiko Matsuhashi
  • Manufacturer
  • Japan Innovation Co., Ltd.
  • Representative Director: Mitsuhisa Nishimura
  • 401 Kita Aoyama Bldg. 1-4-4 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
    (Toei Oedo Line, Hanzomon Line, Ginza Line)
    2 minutes on foot from Aoyama-itchome Station
  • 03-6804-3314
  • 10:30 to 19:00 (Please make an advance reservation)
  • Sunday
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Bioelectric current rectifier CS60 therapeutic franchise chain and rental business
(1) FC operation business of medical care salon smile through the treatment device, bioelectric current rectifier CS60
・Opened head office salon in Nakano-ku, Tokyo
・Branch offices opened sequentially: Fukuoka, Shizuoka, Miyagi, etc. (planned)
* For cases requiring advanced treatment, those who wish to undergo treatment will be treated at the head office for the time being
(2) Stay-type care facility when diagnosis is received at a medical care house operating business or branch and when concentrated treatment is judged necessary, such as advanced treatment for severe symptoms or cerebral hemorrhage rehabilitation
(3) Operation of beauty & health care salon
(4) Health longevity village planning and operation


Built-in special semiconductor circuit with hand massager that does not require a power supply. It regulates disorder of the bioelectric current in the body, decompose waste matter inside the body, rejuvenate the cells and improves pain and numbness in a short time. We have confirmed improvement in over 20,000 people (as of December 2018) with a wide range of ailments such as shoulder stiffness, lower back pain and joint pain, numbness of limbs, frozen shoulder, flexor tendinitis, rheumatism, asthma, half body paralysis due to cerebral infarction, emphysema, cancers such as colon cancer, walking impairment due to aging, spinal bending, ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament, and depression.

CS60 is easy to handle and anyone can use it immediately after 5 days of training. It is a treatment tool (treatment instrument) that you have never experienced before. Through CS60, the problem area is transmitted to the palm of the hand. With a short treatment time, the pain and numbness of each part is removed and the result is immediately known, so it is easy to make the judgment to engage in FC for CS60. By simply rubbing the body with CS60 and naturally activating the cells, it shifts the body from the acidic fatigue constitution to a weak alkaline constitution, blood flow improves, basal body temperature rises, and the patient can improve their constitution with their self-healing abilities. The patient can experience this sensation immediately after treatment. Many patients have experienced improvement in pain, numbness, and constitution with CS60, and their stories are spreading by word of mouth.

The therapeutic industry includes treatments such as osteopathy, acupuncture and moxibustion, bonesetting, massage, chiropractics, thermotherapy, phototherapy, electron therapy, and foot acupuncture. Patients constantly wait in the waiting room at fashionable places, and it is considered to be a big market with about 90,000 business establishments in the same industry. As the baby-boomer generation ages, medical expenses are rising year by year, putting pressure on the national budget. CS60 will play a major role in this national budget and overall medical care.
We are aiming at overseas franchise chains and rental businesses (USA, Australia, Europe) and especially in Germany, western medicine accounts for 40% of the market and oriental medicine and qigong studies account for 60%.
FY2013 national health expenses (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare insurance bureau document)
(1) National medical expenses: 40.061 trillion yen (314,700 yen per citizen)
(2) Judo therapy: 402.5 billion yen
(3) Acupuncture/moxibustion: 36 billion yen
(4) Anma massage/massage: 61.3 billion yen
(5) Others: 51 billion yen
(2) + (3) + (4) + (5) Total: 551.8 billion yen (excluding rehabilitation)
A total of 551.8 billion yen is allocated to the population of 120 million people, which is 4,600 yen per person.
CS60 will be located nationwide, with one unit per population of 20,000 people.

CS60 FC income and expenditure plan (for business owner)
Annual income of store
Hours 9:00 to 20:00
Practitioners 10 to 15 (CS60 × 5 units) work sharing
Treatment fee 10 minutes 1,000 yen 1 hour 6,000 yen
Operating time 11 hours × 5 units = 55 hours
Income 55 hours × 6,000 yen = 330,000 yen
Operating rate 330,000 yen × 50% = 165,000 yen/day
Monthly income 165,000 yen × 30 days = 4,950,000 yen
Annual income 4,950,000 yen × 12 months = 59,400,000 yen

Annual expenditure of one FC store
Practitioners 10 to 15 persons, Admin staff 2 people
Store floor area 70 to 80 m2
Personnel expenses 40% of treatment income 59,400,000 yen × 40% = 23,760,000 yen
Admin staff (250,000 yen × 2 people) × 12 months = 6,000,000 yen
Treatment manager remuneration 50,000 yen × 12 months = 600,000 yen
CS60 rental fee 5 units 150,000 yen × 12 months = 1,800,000 yen
Rent, utilities 300,000 yen × 12 months = 3,600,000 yen
Miscellaneous expenses (cleaning etc.) 50,000 yen × 12 months = 600,000 yen
Total expenditure 36,360,000 yen
Store annual income 62,370,000 yen – expenditure 36,360,000 yen = 26,010,000 yen (gross profit 41.7%)

CS60 FC income and expenditure plan (for individual)
Annual income of store
Hours 9:00 to 20:00
Practitioners 1 to 3 (CS60 × 1 unit) work sharing
Treatment fee 10 minutes 1,000 yen 1 hour 6,000 yen
Operating time 11 hours × 1 unit = 11 hours
Income 11 hours × 6,000 yen = 66,000 yen
Operating rate 66,000 yen × 50% = 33,000 yen/day
Monthly income 33,000 yen × 30 days = 990,000 yen
Annual income 990,000 yen × 12 months = 11,880,000 yen

Annual expenditure of one FC store
Practitioners 1 to 3
Store floor area 30 m2
Personnel expenses 40% of treatment income 11,880,000 yen × 40% = 4,752,000 yen
CS60 rental fee 1 unit 30,000 yen × 12 months = 360,000 yen
Rent, utilities 150,000 yen × 12 months = 1,800,000 yen
Miscellaneous expenses (cleaning, etc.) 20,000 yen × 12 months = 240,000 yen
Total expenditure 7,152,000 yen
Store annual income 11,880,000 yen – expenditure 7,152,000 yen = 4,728,000 yen (gross margin 39.8%)

Store opening preparation (for business operator)
Store opening reserve fund (approx. 3 million yen)
Key money, rent, communication equipment, and advertising for store of 70 m2 or more
Interior, treatment tables, signboard, uniforms, fixtures should be requested from Beauty Garage Co., Ltd. (nationwide stores)

FC terms and conditions (5 pre-contract stores)
・Space for 5 or more treatment tables (25 m2 or more)
・Set up waiting room (15 m2 or more) TV, DVD, showcase installation
・Set up PC Membership registration issuance, Skype connection (for consultation with dedicated doctor)
・”CS60″/”Reprocessing Treatment”/”Self-healing” signboard established
・FC rights for 1 store CS60 × 5 units 3,000,000 yen (cannot be refunded on cancellation)
・FC rights for individual store CS60 × 1 unit 600,000 yen (cannot be refunded on cancellation)
・CS60 can be changed free of charge after 3 to 5 years due to aging (wear)

FC expansion method
・Head office salon and educational facilities established in Nakano-ku, Tokyo.
・Establish branches in prefectures.
・One shop to two shops for a population of 100,000 people.
・Employ practitioners and admin staff locally.
・Employ famous athletes and celebrities for public relations.
・Aim for 300 stores nationwide and 1,500 units of CS60 to be in use within 5 years.
・Communicate with head office, branches, franchisees through Skype.
・Establish head office in the United States and Europe.

How to recruit FC personnel
Basically, males over the age of 60 years (women of any age) may apply from Rikunabi or Hello Work, etc. After the interview, 5 days of practical training and meridian training (a fee is charged) at head office or branch.

Total number of CS60 required in Japan
Total population 128,057,352 (2010 survey)
Total required 6,210
Number of CS60 required by area
Kanto 2000, Hokkaido 280, Tohoku 600, Hokuriku 270,
Chubu 700, Kinki 1060, Chugoku Shikoku 570, Kyushu Okinawa 730
The above-mentioned branch agencies by area are under consideration
Creation date February 2016


We propose a Medical Care Salon business using CS60, and offer business opportunities and new employment to seniors and single mothers nationwide in order for all people involved in the business to live a healthy and prosperous life.

We are here to serve: People who want to make Japan a wonderful country; people who want to enrich their “second life” after retirement; single mothers who want to bring hope to their parenting; people who want to change themselves; people who want to be independent; people who want to help others; people who have doubts about medical care; people who want to be active in the world; people who have doubts about the expanding medical expenses and the social welfare budget in Japan of 42 trillion yen



CS60 is expanding all over Japan. Please experience the treatment at your local salon. For reservations, please contact your local salon.