The name “CS60” comes from “Cell Smooth 60 trillion”–referring to making 60 trillion cells naturally smooth.
Recently, as a result of study by many researchers, it has become clear that mitochondria are the cause of the mechanisms for human aging (lifespan = decline of life energy) and onset of disease.

Mitochondria are organelles inside the 60 trillion cells of human beings, and there are hundreds to thousands of mitochondria in each cell. Their role is the “production of energy” by converting hydrogen and oxygen to energy by combustion. In this way, mitochondria are said to be “power plants” of biological current. If there are many mitochondria that are active, the person feels good, and as the number decreases, the person’s movement worsens, shortness of breath and palpitations become intense, and the person feels old.

The reduction of mitochondria in cells and the worsening of their effectiveness is aging, and leads to a decrease in the person’s vitality. Activating mitochondria improves most pain and illnesses. Mitochondria generate electricity by rotating ATP (potential shift), but the electricity generated is not the same as the electricity we use in everyday life. They generate negative potential with oxidation-reduction potential of -150 mV to -180 mV. The negative potential is alkaline, softens the cells and improves blood flow, acts on inflammation and analgesia, and inhibits and diffuses oxidizing substances. In other words, it can control aging. On the other hand, positive electric potential (active oxygen) tends to clump and solidify cells and causes inflammation.

In human aging, mitochondria react hydrogen and oxygen to rotate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) cells, but oxygen that was stable at that time is decomposed and runs away. This is called “active oxygen”. “Active oxygen” flies around the cell seeking stability and hurts the mitochondria every time it strikes the cell. It is the aging phenomenon whereby the injured mitochondria die, the number of mitochondria in the cell decreases, and the production of energy decreases.

There are as many as 60 trillion human cells, and an astronomical quantity of mitochondria with an average of 1000 per cell. However, not all 60 trillion cells are active. Approximately 30% of the 60 trillion are said to be active. In terms of other organisms, in enteric bacteria, about 10% of cells are good bacteria while the rest are opportunistic pathogens and E. coli. Even in the world of worker ants, it is said that 20% work hard, 20% slack off from work, and 60% may be either, and it is a similar situation in human society. We digress, but what happens when the activity rate of 60 trillion cells increases? Aging is caused by the release of active oxygen during power generation by ATP rotation of mitochondria that exist within the cell. The origin of active oxygen is oxygen from respiration. Although the amount of respiration per person has individual differences, it is roughly predetermined. We believe that we can suppress the generation of active oxygen and increase oxygen combustion efficiency by raising the activity rate of mitochondria “power plants” with the same amount of supplied oxygen using CS60 treatment. To use cars as an example, increasing the fuel efficiency reduces the amount of exhaust gases.

CS60 acts directly on the mitochondria in cells to activate them, and not only reduces various symptoms such as chronic shoulder stiffness, pain, and numbness, but raises immunity and natural healing ability, prevents aging, encourages weight loss, and improves beauty by improving basal metabolic rate. It is an unparalleled, revolutionary health treatment device that will play an important role in medical treatment in the near future.

Treatment content and time required for CS60

Full-body treatment 1 hour: Rediscover the parts of your body of concern that you did not notice yourself.
Lift-up 30 minutes: Rediscover from your chin to your eyes even if it is impossible to remove wrinkles.
Slimming 1 hour: In particular, you can expect to lose fat from your back.
Flexible body-building 1 hour: If you think your body is stiff you will be surprised.
Swelling reduction 30 minutes to 1 hour: Upper body treatment 40 minutes, lower body treatment 30 minutes.

Characteristics of CS60

An easy-to-handle palm-sized treatment device that does not require a power supply.
Treatment can be given through clothes, a towel, or a blanket.
Easy treatment techniques regardless of age or sex; rapid training.
You can feel the problem areas of the body with pain.
Removes static electricity and stray currents from the body.
Recovers cells that have been oxidized by active oxygen. Removes waste matter.
Decomposes condensate latent inside the body that causes stiffness and releases it from the body.
Releases drugs, supplements, and additives that cannot be absorbed in cells from the body.
You can experience an entire general hospital just by lying on the treatment table.


We propose a Medical Care Salon business using CS60, and are creating business opportunities and new employment for seniors and single mothers nationwide in order for all people involved in the business to live healthy and prosperous lives.
We are here to serve: People who want to make Japan a wonderful country; people who want to enrich their “second life” after retirement; single mothers who want to bring hope to their parenting; people who want to change themselves; people who want to be independent; people who want to help others; people who have doubts about medical care; people who want to be active in the world; people who have doubts about the expanding medical expenses and the social welfare budget in Japan of 42 trillion yen.


CS60 is expanding all over Japan. Please experience the treatment at your local salon. For reservations, please contact your local salon.